Sunday, 13 July 2008

Blenheim Rail and Highway Realignment 2000

In July 2000, Transit NZ and Tranz Rail commenced work undertook a realignment of the Main North Line through Blenheim as part of a project of constructing a new section of State Highway 1. The Blenheim Railway Station was moved a few metres eastward of its previous location in order to create more room for rail passenger services to operate clear of the highway for safety reasons. The project cost $4 million and also included relocating two level crossings north and south of the station, a new highway bridge across the Taylor River, and three new roundabouts, with the railway line passing through one of them south of the station.

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The map shows the work in more detail with the former rail route in aqua, the present route being marked in red from Riverlands to Picton. For other detail, click on the "View larger map" link or zoom in on individual points and click them for information.