Friday, 27 November 2009

Google Earth adds Spot coverage of North Island

A few weeks ago I wrote about the enhancement of Google Earth coverage of the South Island when Cnes/Spot imagery was added. Although it is only medium resolution, it basically displaces all that horrible low resolution Landsat coverage which has filled in the gaps of Google Earth for a long long time. The addition of this coverage makes it possible to think about completing most of the maps I have drawn because the improvement makes it possible to pick out additional geographic features that are otherwise impossible to determine.
One of my favourites in the North Island is the Kirikopuni Balloon Loop on the Dargaville Branch as seen here:

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There are many more Kirikopunis waiting to be opened up by the enhanced coverage, even as I noted parts of Lower Hutt still not covered by the urban footage that their council apparently hasn’t seen the light on yet. Still, it is now possible to see Waterloo station.