Sunday, 15 August 2010

Waiau Branch Railway album on Picasa

As alluded to in a previous post, I have been busy today creating a single Picasa web album for all my Waiau Branch photos. This of course includes all Weka Pass Railway photos. At the moment the album is just over 400 photos, all of which have been geotagged. The next step is to remove duplicates (the same photo with two different names) and after that to caption every photo. Once those tasks are complete the album will be ready to share – whether directly with people, or through inserting photos or maps into postings on this blog. As already alluded to the earlier series of posts relating to the WBR / WPR will be altered to use the photos from the album instead of duplicating with the pictures being put into Blogger’s album.

This is quite a big step and is roughly comparable to putting together my big Otago Central album about a year ago, although there is a big difference in that the OCR album has got many older pictures rescanned at a larger size (up to 1600 pixels), whereas all the Waiau pictures are without rescanning. I don’t intend to rescan anything for the Waiau album at this time as it is quite a major job, and the pictures which were captured off video can’t be made bigger anyway. The Waiau album includes a small number of scans from other sources, video capture images from the videos I made of the 1999 and 2001 Waipara Vintage festivals, lots of photos and a small number of slides that I took at various times.

UPDATE: Some of the photos will be rescanned at a later date to get them into Panoramio (minimum 500 x 500)