Monday, 8 November 2010

New motorway photos

Due to the fact that some bigwig in Wellington has decided that our Southern Motorway is a road of national significance, the motorway is currently being developed to four lanes.
Here is a photomap showing much of the development to date.

View Photomap07Nov10 in a larger map
I will continue to produce these from time to time to show what development has been occurring. At the moment the existing motorway from Barrington Street to Curletts Road is being widened, this involves new overbridges at Barrington St and Curletts Road. West of the latter it would appear the motorway is going to be raised on an embankment and will be following a new route which has been designated for a long time and which I will try to draw onto the same map so that you can scroll the view to see more information.
Coming from the east the first sign of the work you will see is at the Brougham/Jerrold/Collins/Simeon intersection. Jerrold St before the motorway was one piece of road and at Barrington St it took a sharp bend northward and ran alongside the park, I will draw it into the map to show this. The splitting into North and South was done when Brougham St was first put through which must have been sometime in the 80s. In between was a number of houses left over from before the development and a little street called Little Hillier Place, being effectively the end of Hillier Street which was cut off by the building of Jerrold Street South. These houses are now gone and the street is an entrance to the works where the overbridge ramps are under construction. This overbridge goes over Barrington St. Next we can see the bridge over Lincoln Road is being widened to four lanes. At the moment work is not progressing all along the route but in sections at a time.
Beyond the Curletts Road intersection the bridge over Curletts Road is just starting to have the embankments built and then the raised motorway embankment is being built out towards Halswell. Looking on the map I have drawn in where the route is to go, and you will see that it runs next to Wigram Road at first and then curves away to pass between two fairly new subdivisions at Aidanfield. It then swings around to cross Wigram Road and then runs alongside McTeigues Road to meet the intersection of Halswell Junction Road and Springs Road. I presume after that HJ Road to Main South Road will be upgraded to some extent as well but I don’t really know the details.
The album contains a number of photos taken along the route so there is some pictures of a subdivision at Sunnyside. I will try and get the photos captioned this week sometime.