Saturday, 8 January 2011

Other NZ transport blogs

This blogging thing is taking off and there are several other transport related blogs in NZ which I’ll list below. I don’t take feeds from any of these as there is too much information coming in to be able to read it all. However I do use these on occasions as sources
  • – Anonymous blog about the NZ taxi industry.
  • – Campaign for Better Transport. A blog and forums, this is a well organised lobby group which focuses on a variety of different transport modes, mainly in Auckland.
  • – Auckland Transport Blog. Very detailed and regular postings, and most of the links on this page are in their blogroll. A bit of politicking but my main issue is the feed which should be summarised (as is pretty common in RSS), instead of full posts and content which is what actually comes out.
  • – Auckland Infrastructure. Claims to be “more balanced” than other blogs of this type (in public vs private infrastructure etc).
  • – Auckland Trains. Mostly Auckland, “news and debate”. I like the news but not the debate (see below).
  • – Christchurch Transport. Mainly bus focused. Concise, focused posts several times a week.
  • – NZ In Transit. “Independent public transport news, advocacy” etc. Personalised style produces tendency to long rambling opinionated posts.
  • – Fare Free NZ. Anonymous blog about “New Zealand perspective in the international urban transport fare-free movement”.
  • – Carpool and ride sharing (NZ). Interesting idea for a blog.
  • – Sustainable Wellington Transport. Focusing mainly on public transport and cycling etc, politics and lobbying towards the same end.
  • – Cycling Advocates Network. “CAN is New Zealand's national network of cycling advocates. We work with government and local authorities on behalf of cyclists, for a better cycling environment.”
  • – Canterbury Cyclists Association. An affiliate of CAN. I get their regular email newsletter, which strikes a reasonable balance without wasting space.