Friday, 10 August 2012

Christchurch old station demolition

Within I should think the last couple of days the heavy machinery has moved in and started to knock down the station proper. Previous work has been stripping out the interior, which included asbestos removal.
Inside the west end main entrance, stripped of all its doors and fittings.
What that same entrance looked like about ten years ago when the building was being operated by Science Alive.
The inside of both of the entrance foyers was similar. I can’t say which foyer this was – you can see the phone booths which were probably only in one place in the station so it could have been the west end one. What you can see in this photo is the translucent plastic ceiling panels which let light in from the light well above. Aerial photos show that there were these two light wells built into the station structure which let light into the two foyers as well as some of the office areas in the floors above. In the top photo you can clearly see the light well in the foyer ceiling.
Taken about 10 years ago this is the western foyer looking out to what used to be the platform and railway yards – later carparking. The doors are the originals except for the centre pair which have been removed and replaced by sliding automatic doors. I think we can be reasonably certain that the outer foyer is non original with glass panelling and pairs of doors at each corner. Going up, I doubt the air curtain, ceiling and lighting have any originality to them.
I think the main question I have about the station is “Where have those doors gone”? Someone went to a bit of trouble to have them stripped out – maybe as scrap? I haven’t heard about any local efforts to preserve any of the historical station features, which is somewhat surprising.