Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dunedin-Port Chalmers Railway [2]: Ravensbourne-St Leonards

In this section there were a number of larger and possibly smaller realignments. In some areas between the main bays with their various causeways the railway may have been slightly further inland than it is now, but the detail is not there in the source maps to be sure. There isn’t enough detail in the Quail Atlas to be sure of the date of deviation at all of the bays but a date of 1931 is shown around Burkes. Quail also doesn’t show the realignment at Ravensbourne itself.


Ravensbourne bay has a causeway and the old railway probably went along the side of the highway. The station may have been a little closer to the highway originally.


Maia station was between a couple of bays.


Quail claims that Burkes station and Maia were the same but my source maps place Maia where I showed it and a separate Burkes station in one of the closed off bay sections. It’s possible that Maia was the replacement for Burkes when the causeways went in, since Burkes closed in 1931 and Maia opened in 1926. Since “Dates and Names” has separate unconnected listings this tends to support they were in separate places and were not the same station at any time.

St Leonards

Just north of St Leonards is another small bay bypassed. In total on this map four bays with causeways are shown.