Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Old Kensington [2]

This photo by J W Allen from 1875 is of King Edward St crossing with Kensington Station to the left (north). Due to the fact I had originally placed the original Kensington Station on the south side of the crossing this is of interest and I will have to go back to my original source to confirm this. 

This photo also by J W Allen appears to more or less join onto the right of the previous photo, which would make the diverging track in the background the siding into Hillside Workshops. The function of the siding tracks in the foreground is unknown at this time.

This Burton Brothers shot from 1880 is clearly marked "Hillside" and obviously the same location as the previous photo. (Hocken Library) http://hockensnapshop.ac.nz/nodes/view/9803