Saturday, 8 September 2012

Christchurch Station Yard plan

In the current progress at the NZ Rail Maps project I am drawing yard plans for all the yards around Christchurch. This one is Christchurch itself and is based on an old plan that you can see here, along with old photos and aerials of the station. This is still being worked on and is not complete but most of the major details are visible. (Click on the picture to see it in a larger size)
The green blocks are the major buildings that were around the site. It is timely to be putting this together with the main station building coming down. On the south side the substation next to the Colombo Street bridge remains in place, along with the amenity block and social hall. On the left of the amenity block is A Shed. This was still in place when the station opened, but was demolished at some later time, certainly it was gone by the 1980s when I first became acquainted with the station precint.
The plan at this stage is not going to be 100% accurate, because the only way of assuring this is to be tracing directly over an aerial photo. That was the way I was able to do thing with Middleton and Waltham yards.