Monday, 15 May 2017

Horahora Power Station [2]

Since I first published on this subject last year I have found a more detailed map that shows where key infrastructure was placed on the site.

I suggest you refer to that map for more detail, I have updated mine to show where the key sites are based on the detail provided.

The following pictures are specific aerial photos obtained of the Horahora Power Station.

A Whites Aviation photo from the 1940s of the Horahora power scheme. The dam and intake structure are upper left with the power station lower right. 

Another Whites Aviation aerial of 1946. This one gives a more general view of the village area. In the background can be seen the Horahora Road higher up with the present day bridge crossing the Pokaiwhenua Stream.

Auckland Weekly News photo of February 1911 showing the headrace construction, note the light rail tracks used to move material. The waste soil was tipped into the Waikato River.

The dam and intake control gates under construction in March 1913 (Auckland Weekly News).

The headrace which carries the water from the intake to the powerhouse at right. Seen in April 1913.