Sunday, 14 May 2017

More & Sons Timber Tramway, Longwood / Pourakino

This is a quick draw of the main tramway which according to Q4 was still in use up to 1960. There were various branches and facilities which have not yet been put into the maps. The main reference source is the 1940s NZMS1 map.
Starting out from Longwood (bottommost map) there are no traces obvious but a particular point of interest in the early part of the tramway is shown by the survey boundaries on Centre Road where a township must have once existed. In places there still appears to be a defined corridor which was possibly that used by the tramway. It is not until well up on Pourakino Valley Road where you will eventually start to see bits of formation.
The tramway formation appears to be just to the left of the road as a straight line skirting some trees.

This Panoramio photo is titled “Overgrown bridge of old logging track in upper Pourakino area”. (Click on image to see the description page in Panoramio)

Another Panoramio photo from nearby. (Click image to see description and comments page)