Sunday, 14 May 2017

Rangiora 1973

So, Canterbury Maps turns out to have aerials of Rangiora taken in 1973. This is very good because I can draw a map of it very well since the 1973 coverage is generally of such good quality that individual tracks can be picked out easily.
North end of the yard with two tracks going over the Wales St crossing, the one on the left is a dead end siding with carriages in it. This is very different from today where the second track is on the right and is the loop.
Coming down into the yard we can see the turntable upper left and continuing down we have various industrial premises with sidings.
As we get down into the yard we can see the goods shed and freight yard to the right. On the left we have what used to be the junction of the branch line to Oxford. This was served by an unusual triangular platform due to the curve being located right in the yard. There were still private sidings in this area for many years afterwards.
Finally getting down to the crossing at the south end which then as today is only the main line.
I am way too busy at the moment but will start drawing the map as soon as I have a bit of time to myself.